Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

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Teen Driver Safety Week runs from October 19-25 this year. For parents, the weeklong observance highlights the importance of setting rules for teens before they hit the road. This event is also a good opportunity to remind Charleston families of the serious impact being found responsible for a car accident can have.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a campaign called “5 to Drive,” a set of five rules parents can adopt to keep kids safe while driving. Each of these rules is intended to curb some of the leading causes of car accidents such as:

Under West Virginia law, a parent is generally only liable for a minor child’s conduct if the child acted with “malicious and willful” intent. However, if the victim’s attorney can prove that the teen was a known danger behind the wheel and the parents didn’t take steps to stop the reckless behavior, the parents could also be considered negligent for letting their child continue to drive.

The best solution for keeping your teen driver safe is to make sure they understand and follow the rules – your household rules and the law. You could help your child avoid a car accident and save your family a substantial amount of financial and emotional turmoil.

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