Staying Safe in Roadway Work Zones

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National Work Zone Awareness Week kicked off in Virginia on Monday. The start of spring effectively marks the beginning of outdoor construction season, which is why government agencies draw attention to the need for both workers and drivers to be careful at these sites in order to avoid construction accidents.

Expect the Unexpected” is the theme of this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week. Construction workers know that any job site can be hazardous. However, road crews must also deal with the added danger of traffic moving through the zone.

Some of the biggest dangers for highway workers stem from the following careless behaviors drivers engage in when passing through a work zone:

  • Not paying attention to workers or equipment in the road
  • Failure to follow posted signs and signals
  • Exceeding the modified speed limit
  • Inappropriate lane changes
  • Distracted driving
  • Tailgating other vehicles.

For road workers, being struck by a vehicle is a tragic occupational hazard. It can not only result in serious injury but also rob victims of their ability to earn wages to support their families.

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