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Victoria Sopranik, Esq. joined her brother Jim Leach’s law firm in 2003, creating one of the strongest legal teams in the Parkersburg area.

While Jim focuses his efforts on trying cases, Vicki performs the essential tasks that lay the groundwork for him: research, discovery, drafting of briefs and other documents, and transactional matters.

“I think what I do best is the research, the writing and putting it all together,” she says. “As two people, we make the best attorney in town.”

Before joining the Leach firm, Sopranik had developed extensive expertise in the business world, as well as practicing in other areas of law.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in psychology from West Virginia University in 1985, she worked in the retail industry for eight years before deciding to enroll in law school. During her student days at West Virginia University College of Law, Sopranik was on the West Virginia Law Review staff, serving as publishing editor her third year, and also was elected to Order of Coif as a student who ranked in the top 10 percent of her class.

After receiving her J.D. in 1996, she joined a Charleston firm that focused on commercial litigation and civil defense. While working there, Sopranik gained valuable insights that serve her well today as she concentrates on plaintiff’s cases that oftentimes involve personal injury.

She worked there for five years and then joined MTI in Kentucky as an in-house counsel and director of human resources. During her time there, she created company human resources policies and developed employee policy manuals for both U.S. and Canadian offices, as well as reviewing contracts and performing other legal duties for the company.

Then in 2003, brother Jim told her he was very busy and could use another lawyer in his office, and Vicki thought Parkersburg would be a good place to raise her daughter. So she made the move and has not regretted it.

“I really do enjoy doing the research and the writing and putting all these puzzles together,” she says. “And it feels good when somebody tells me that I’ve made a difference in their lives.”

When Sopranik is not busy working in the law firm, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, and travel – especially international travel.

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Our Client Tiffany said...


Tiffany sought help when having to deal with insurance companies after a car accident in Ohio. Jim Leach had her best interests at heart and helped her with her case.

Our Client Shana said...


Shana needed help dealing with the insurance company after she was involved in an accident. For more than a year, Jim Leach was there to provide her the assistance she needed. Contact him today!

Our Client Cody said...


When Cody is involved in a car accident and suffered major injuries, he and his parents decide to call Jim Leach, LC to help with their personal injury case.

Our Client Adam said...


When Adam is involved in a fight during football practice, his mom decides to call Jim Leach, LC to help her with her case against the board of education.

Our Client Skylar said...


16-year-old Skylar sustains personal injuries when another vehicle crashes into his vehicle while driving. Skylar and his parents contact Jim Leach, LC to help them with their case.

Our Client Glen said...


When Glen was involved in a parking lot accident that damaged his car and caused him a personal injury, he contacted Jim Leach, LC for help with his case.

Our Client Vicki B. said...


While on her way home from a doctor's appointment, Vicki was involved in a car accident. She called Jim Leach, LC, and his team to help her with her case.

Our Client Bobby Barber said...

Jim Leach fought for my mom. He’s no TV lawyer, Jim’s a trial lawyer.

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Our Client Danny R said...

When the insurance company treated me like a liar, Jim treated me like family.

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