IEI Plastics Class Action Lawsuit

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On October 21, 2017, the IEI Plastics fire broke out and burned for eight days.  As the fire raged out of control, it blanketed the entire Mid-Ohio Valley with noxious smoke and debris and left a toxic waste site in place of the historic Ames Shovel plant.  This terrible and senseless fire overwhelmed thousands of citizens, causing many to either flee their homes or to shelter in place as they had nowhere to go. Many sought medical treatment for smoke and particulate exposure and inhalation and also had their property damaged from the fallout.

After personally experiencing and witnessing the effects of this monstrous fire on our entire community, Parkersburg environmental attorney Jim Leach teamed with the law firm of Liddle & Dubin to file a class action suit for those seriously harmed by the fire.  Two other class-action lawsuits were filed by law firms out of Charleston, WV.  If you are affected by this fire, you have the right to choose the legal team best qualified to help you and your family.


Jim Leach, an experienced environmental lawyer also earned a masters in energy law in 2015 from the WVU College of Law, where he studied environmental law, water law and hazardous waste law. As a veteran West Virginia litigator, he also brings substantial experience with toxic exposures and environmental clean-up efforts.
Liddle & Dubin, P.C. concentrates its practice in class action cases involving environmental contamination and has resolved over 100 such cases.  Many of these cases involve harmful emissions from all manner of industrial facilities.  Together, the two firms have the experience, the expertise, and the resources to prosecute this action to a successful conclusion.


Jim Leach and Liddle & Dubin filed a comprehensive class-action lawsuit before the fire was out, but only after fully evaluating possible claims.  The suit alleges all compensable claims and further names the owner of the facility individually, as well as all his related entities.  In addition, as there are three suits pending, Jim Leach and Liddle & Dubin filed motions to be named as interim lead counsel as the best-qualified and prepared legal team to represent class members who demonstrate measurable injuries caused by this preventable and senseless fire.

If you would like your potential claim evaluated by a well-qualified and experienced legal team, tell us your story.  You are easily able to do so by visiting JimLeachLaw.Com and completing a short survey. Go to: