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Disputes in the course of running a business are often much more than “just” business. They are usually quite personal and often involve a violation of trust. When trust is broken, it can threaten not only personal relationships, but also profits, reputation, goodwill and even the business’s future.

If you are grappling with a serious business dispute in Parkersburg or surrounding areas of West Virginia and Ohio, talk to the legal team at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law. Jim is a serious lawyer who gets serious results for people with serious cases.

Our firm is equipped to handle a wide variety of business litigation matters.  If you live in West Virginia or southern Ohio and you suspect you may need an attorney experienced in business litigation, please contact the law office of Jim Leach Attorneys at Law for a consultation and case evaluation.

Get Legal Assistance Before Concluding Your Business Deals

Corporate and commercial businesses transactions depend on a large degree of trust. Fortunately, our government has enacted the Uniform Commercial Code and other laws to govern business transactions and keep each party honest and accountable.

The issues involved in conducting business transactions are often complex, and it is very easy for even the most astute businessman or businesswoman to find themselves in a contentious business relationship.

Business leaders can protect their investments of money, time and effort by engaging experienced legal help with business transactions before they happen and with disputes as soon as they arise. From obtaining loans to establishing contracts or partnerships, settling disputes or ending fraud, obtaining skilled and dispassionate legal assistance is the best way to protect your interests and move forward with confidence.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a startup, the head of a generations-old family business or a corporate executive, the correct move when business issues rest on facts of law is to call upon experienced legal help.

Legal and Litigation Services for West Virginia & Ohio Businesses

Whether you need a contract reviewed, are uncertain about the terms of a business insurance policy, believe you have been treated unfairly or need to sever ties with a partner, the law office of Jim Leach Attorneys at Law can help you. Among our business law and litigation services are assistance with:

  • Bank Fraud. Banking fraud is a federal crime that may result in a lengthy prison term as well as an order for restitution and a fine. Bank fraud is invariably an attempt to obtain money or assets through deceptive practices that involve financial tools or investment practices. Multiple individuals, from bank agents to financial advisers or insurance agents representing the bank, may be involved, and their actions likely revolve around arcane policies and regulations. An attorney experienced with bank fraud can untangle the financial documents used to deceive you, obtain restitution for you and seek to hold perpetrators accountable.
  • Banking Misconduct. Banking misconduct represents a breach of trust between representatives of a bank and one or more bank customers. In general, bank misconduct involves use of the customer’s authorization for services to overbill the customer through service fees or interest on loans. Bank misconduct takes the form of hidden fees, double billing, unauthorized accounts with associated fees, and other schemes. A banking misconduct attorney can stop the damage to your fiscal well-being, obtain restitution and seek to hold malfeasant bank officials accountable.
  • Contracts and Contract Disputes. Because each word of a contract has legal ramifications, the easily ridiculed legalese of contracts is necessary and proper. In many cases, the meaning of a contract comes down to interpretation backed by precedent. It is due diligence to obtain a legal review of a contract before signing. In a contract dispute, it is essential to obtain the assistance of a business law attorney familiar with contracts and how they are interpreted by state and federal courts today. If a contract has been breached, solid legal advice will be necessary to negotiate an understanding or to obtain a court order that protects your interests.
  • Construction Litigation. The many people and organizations involved in a large construction project make it a complex undertaking that can easily become mired in legal dispute. In addition to owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, managers, suppliers and manufacturers, construction project managers must be concerned with regulations and environmental requirements that could adversely affect longstanding plans that would be expensive to change. Effective construction litigation representation can minimize costly delays and protect you from the damage of false and illegitimate claims.
  • Insurance Fraud. Insurance companies contract with policyholders to provide financial relief if the policyholder should face harm from stated threats, such as liability for accidents, or theft and fire. The relationship between insurer and insured is based on an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. When insurance carriers deny or discount claims they are acting in bad faith or committing fraud. Insurance fraud and bad faith cases are brought under a complex law that insurance companies understand but count on their policyholders to find overwhelming. An experienced insurance fraud attorney who understands the law and legal precedent can pursue a settlement for you as promised by the policy you hold through negotiation or court order.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Corporate and commercial business transactions depend on a large degree of trust. Fortunately, our government has enacted the Uniform Commercial Code and other laws to govern business transactions and keep each party honest. The issues involved in conducting business transactions are complex, and it is very easy to find yourself engaged in a contentious business relationship if you are not careful. Whether you are considering writing or signing a commercial contract or starting a relationship with a bank for a business or personal loan, it is always best to have a lawyer read through the contract before you sign.

Unfortunately, many violations of trust are not simple mistakes, but calculated attempts to defraud you or your business. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a lawyer to protect you from the unscrupulous dealings of a toxic business partner or scam artist.

If you live in West Virginia or southern Ohio and you suspect you may need an attorney experienced in corporate and commercial litigation, please contact Jim Leach Attorneys at Law for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Other Business Law Matters

The law office of Jim Leach, LC can also assist and advise you on such business law matters as:

  • Business fraud
  • Unfair competition
  • Employment / labor disputes (including age and gender discrimination claims)
  • Shareholders’ rights
  • Franchise litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Whistleblower Activity (False Claims Act / Qui Tam law)

Leave the Legal Details to an Experienced West Virginia Business Attorney

Business leaders know that the key to success is hiring good people. For the legal complexities of running, growing and protecting your business in West Virginia and southern Ohio, hire the legal knowledge of Jim Leach, Attorneys at Law. Jim Leach is known for his persistence, honest advice, respect and the open lines of communication he keeps with clients.

Contact Jim Leach with your legal concerns about your business today. Many business matters only require a few words of advice, and we always offer free initial consultations. In more complex cases, you’ll find that Jim is a serious and dedicated attorney intent on achieving the best possible outcome and most secure financial protection available for you. Call today.