Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle riders understand that sharing the road with passenger vehicles and big rigs means staying extra vigilant. Even though motorcyclists enjoy the same rights as other motorists, the consequences of a motorcycle accident are likely to be more severe by simple virtue of the fact that motorcycles offer less protection than an enclosed cabin. If you’ve been injured in an accident, please contact West Virginia motorcycle accident attorney Jim Leach today to schedule a free case evaluation.

According to federal statistics adjusted for miles traveled, motorcyclists are more than 30 times as likely to die in an accident than those in passenger vehicles. One of our most commonly asked motorcycle accident questions is “How can I best protect myself as a motorcycle rider?” Our number one recommendation is to wear a helmet. But knowing the common causes of accidents is also important so that you know what to watch out for.

Head-On Collisions

In nearly 80 percent of collisions involving a motorcycle and another type of vehicle, the motorcycle is hit from the front. These serious crashes are frequently the cause of wrongful death cases. Stay alert and watch for oncoming traffic that may not see you.

Left Turns

When a car makes a left turn, the driver often fails to look for motorcycles, even though he or she may be aware of other types of vehicles on the road. A car making a left turn through an intersection, across the right-of-way of an oncoming motorcycle, is among the most commonly encountered scenarios that could lead to a motorcycle accident. But other left-turn situations are also dangerous, including those that involve a motorcycle passing a car on the left.

Road Hazards

Unfortunately, operators of motorcycles encounter more hazards from the road itself than do those enclosed within the safety of a passenger cabin. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, much more exposed, and considerably less stable, which means that road hazards that are relatively innocuous for other drivers could be serious for motorcyclists. These include:

  1. Potholes
  2. Uneven lanes
  3. Gravel
  4. Dead animals
  5. Slick pavement

Lane Splitting

It is illegal in West Virginia for motorcycles to split lanes, which is when a motorcycle drives between two lanes of stopped or slowly moving vehicles. If you are injured while lane splitting in West Virginia, proving fault against another motorist, while not impossible, is considerably more difficult.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, recognizing the scenarios that are most likely to cause an accident is powerful knowledge that could help you and your loved ones avoid serious personal injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact the accident injury attorneys at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law today, or call 1-877-526-5461 to schedule your free consultation.