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Jim Leach Attorneys at Law has the courage and conviction to fight for justice in your personal injury case. Founded in 1995, our law firm has developed a reputation for providing exceptional client service and strong legal representation for accident victims in the Parkersburg area and beyond.

Jim Leach began his legal career as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, a position that allowed him to develop strong ties to the community and provided a broader perspective on the legal system. More than two decades ago, Jim shifted his focus to helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries as a result of the carelessness of others. He founded Jim Leach Attorneys at Law deliver forceful legal advocacy in a family-like setting where client service is a top priority.

A Serious West Virginia Personal Injury Law Firm for People with Serious Cases

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If you have a serious case, you need a serious lawyer – an attorney who is prepared to put in the hard work required to get serious results for you. That’s precisely what you can expect from Jim Leach Attorneys at Law. Experience, persistence, honest advice, respect and open lines of communication are what we offer our clients.

Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer in West Virginia

Are you unsure whether you need a lawyer? It might be that all you need is a little advice. It costs you nothing to talk with us about your case, and we are happy to give you some free guidance if that’s all you need.

Many times we find that accident victims need legal help to get the compensation they deserve. Studies have repeatedly shown that most accident victims end up with more money when they work with a lawyer. If you have a serious case, you need a serious lawyer.

Here are some of the traits a serious lawyer like Jim Leach has to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve:

  • Our attorney and staff have experience, resolve and dedication that distinguish us from the rest.
  • Over our decades of practice we have developed a reputation for fighting hard to secure maximum compensation on behalf of our clients.
  • Insurance companies know that we are not afraid to go to court if that’s what it takes to get our clients the results they deserve.
  • We are better able to reach favorable out-of-court settlements for our clients because we have built a reputation for aggressive representation in court.
  • While our goal is to avoid a trial if possible, we are always ready to argue a case in court if necessary.
  • We won’t take your case unless we believe we can secure a better outcome for you through our involvement.
  • Our highly trained staff uses a unique case-management system that streamlines your case from beginning to end, maximizing your odds of receiving a positive outcome to your claim.

No Fees Until We Win for You: West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you are most likely considering a lawsuit at a time when you don’t have much money to spare. These injuries may force you to miss work and cover skyrocketing medical bills. Often, insurance companies are slow to pay the benefits to which you are entitled in these situations.

No matter what your situation, we know you don’t have money to pay a lawyer to just listen to you and decide whether they are going to take your case. That’s why the West Virginia personal injury lawyers at Jim Leach, LC, offers a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. That’s why we handle our cases on a contingency basis. We accept no fees until we have won your case. We can do this because we are confident in our ability to win your case, whether as a pretrial settlement or a verdict in the courtroom. Jim Leach will fight with all his might to get you all the compensation you deserve.

Our Case-Management System: Personal Injury Lawyer West Virginia

Many of the clients who visit our law firm come to us feeling hurt, confused, and frustrated. Many have sustained temporary or even life-altering injuries because of another person’s carelessness. Our Parkersburg injury attorney is proud to provide qualified representation to people in pain.

If you’ve been severely hurt, it’s natural to feel vulnerable and not know who to trust. We will work hard to earn your trust through outstanding reputation and thorough investigation of your case.

When an accident occurs, we know that time is of the essence. Our personal injury team has been trained to work quickly to preserve critical evidence that is important to your case. The “checklist” of crucial evidence we work hard to capture for your claim includes:

  • Names of witnesses
  • Photographs of injuries sustained in the accident
  • Police reports
  • Property damage reports
  • Medical records

Suffering a severe injury is no small matter. Our personal injury attorneys understand the stress and urgency of your situation. Our firm has the experience and resources to respond within the necessary time frame to begin building your case.

Jim Leach, the founder of our firm, developed a unique case-management system to provide the best representation possible for our clients. Our team applies this approach to each and every claim that injury victims throughout West Virginia trust our firm to handle.

After gathering critical pieces of evidence, our dedicated injury lawyer will review the details of your case and take appropriate action on your behalf. Our attorneys will provide you with the support you need and advise you on key elements that could affect the success of your claim: including:

  • Interactions with the defendant and his or her attorneys.
  • Negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Explaining what motions, decisions and judgments by the court, and other developments might mean to you.

As a personal injury lawyer who takes pride in maintaining the highest level of integrity, Jim Leach recruits and trains an elite staff to provide a quick response and quality service to all of our clients.

Our Focus on Client Service

The success of our practice is based on the high standards of client service that we have implemented over the years. Our personal injury attorney and his staff have been trained to be responsive to your needs and expectations. This training is critical in the timely responsiveness required to properly build your case.

We understand the critical nature of your situation after a personal injury has occurred. If you do not have any medical insurance and you require surgery, hospitalization or physical therapy, paying your medical bills may create a serious financial burden for your family. Even if you are insured, your coverage may not pay for all of the treatment you need. In these cases, Jim Leach Attorneys at Law are here to help.

Jim will not only be your attorney through this difficult time, but he will also be your adviser. As a successful trial attorney, he has helped resolve numerous cases for people just like you with great results.

Now more than ever, you need someone on your side who knows the law and the complexities of the legal system. Personal injury attorney Jim Leach will take the time to help you understand the nature of your case. He will explain the legal system in a way that will give you the information and guidance you need, avoiding any further obstacles in an already difficult situation.

For a free and confidential claim review with a leader in the industry whose best practices are based on integrity and trust, please contact our West Virginia personal injury lawyer today.

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Our Client Kitty P. said...

Wonderful team! I’m glad he was on my side.

Our Client Larry S. said...

Jim treated me well and kept me informed – you couldn’t find a better attorney.

Our Client Scott H. said...

Jim is amazing, and Parkersburg is truly a better place because of him.

Our Client Carol M. said...

Jim took the insurance company all the way to the courthouse steps!

Our Client Becky T. said...

I’m grateful for Jim’s support

Our Client Joel C. said...

I can’t thank Jim and his staff enough for their work!

Our Client Melissa H. said...

Hands down, the best attorney in this area.

Our Client Chrie B. said...

Jim and his staff are the nicest, most helpful people I’ve dealt with

Our Client Crystal A. said...

Jim put my interests ahead of his and overcame the odds.

Our Client Andrew M. said...

My wife and I will never forget what Jim has done for us.