Injured In A Truck Accident Caused By Over/Under-Inflated Tires?

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Having to deal with a tire blowout is never fun, but it can also put you in dangerous situations if it happens on a high-speed roadway or in the dark. Both over inflated tires and under inflated tires can be the cause of serious accidents. When the tires on a commercial truck are the cause of an accident, they pose a serious danger to everyone else on the road. Our truck accident lawyer is all too familiar with the danger of faulty trucking equipment including improperly inflated tires.

In the aftermath of a truck accident, victims may be faced with serious financial burden from costly medical bills and lost wages. The Morgantown truck accident lawyer at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law have years of experience in uncovering the cause of truck accidents and making sure the liable party is brought to justice.

Over Inflated Tires

Tires that are over inflated make vehicles more likely to slip because less of the tire’s tread stays in contact with the road surface. Slipping tires can lead to serious auto accidents including rollovers. Over inflation can also lead to “catching air” on bumps and potholes that can make the driver lose control of the vehicle. Add any treacherous weather conditions like rain or snow, and over inflating your tires is a recipe for disaster.

Under Inflated Tires

The danger posed by under inflated tires is even more serious. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that vehicles with significantly under inflated tires are three times more likely to cause crashes. Under inflated tires often overheat and explode, causing blowouts. News reports are filled with the devastating consequences of such accidents. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that up to 90% of all tire failures are caused by under inflated tires.

Trucks and Tire Inflation

Even under ideal driving conditions, under inflated tires cause instability and make the vehicle much harder to control or maneuver. When the vehicle happens to be a big rig, the consequences can be deadly. Even when a blowout causes no loss of control for the truck driver due to distribution of weight over eighteen tires, debris from a huge blown tire can impact nearby cars, even when the truck is long gone.

In any accident involving a commercial truck, victims can face devastating injuries. Trucking operators are responsible for making sure all their equipment is in good working order, including tires.

If you have been in an accident due to a blowout, please contact our accident injury lawyer today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our experienced personal injury lawyer represent accident victims throughout West Virginia and Southern Ohio including Morgantown, Parkersburg, Huntington, Wheeling, Charleston, Belpre, and Athens.