6 Tips to Help Avoid Summer Boating Accidents

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As we make our way through summer and the weather starts getting hotter we see more boats making their way out into the water. Though most people think of boating as a fun recreational activity, there is a greater responsibility that goes along with it. Boating accidents lead to property damage, injury, and in some cases death. If you have been involved in a boating accident it’s important to contact an experienced lawyer. Contact Jim Leach, L.C., by calling (304) 865-8530 for a case evaluation.

In 2014, there were 4,064 recreational boating accidents. The results of this were 610 deaths, 2,678 injuries, and nearly $39 million in property damage. That is a 0.05% increase in accidents since 2013. Even more worrisome is that the number of deaths increased 8.9% since the previous year, and the number of injuries saw a rise of 2.2%.

To help prevent the occurrence of a boating accident this summer, follow these boating safety tips:

  • Don’t drink and boat – Boating under the influence is against the law and can dramatically increase the odds of getting injured, as well as the odds of a boating fatality by 34 percent.
  • Don’t speed – The water has speed limits and if speeding you can be cited just as you would in a vehicle.
  • Maintain your boat – It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your boat runs efficiently. If someone is injured or killed due to improper maintenance, you could be sued for negligence.
  • Be prepared in case of emergency – Make sure your boat is equipped with safety equipment that is in good working order, and that you know how to properly use it if it comes down to it.
  • Know your life jacket laws – Regardless of what state you are in, children under 13 are required to always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacked on moving boats.
  • Take a course of boat safety – The best way to understand boat safety and procedures is to take a safety course. If it has been some time, it is recommended to retake a safety course as a refresher.

If you are have suffered injuries due to a boating accident, our Morgantown lawyers at Jim Leach, L.C., can help you recover the compensation that you deserve. Contact us at (304) 865-8530 to schedule your consultation today!