How to Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Car Accidents

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St. Patrick’s Day is often filled with green beer and good friends. It’s also one holiday where drunk driving accidents increase. Our car accident attorney in Morgantown wants you to stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day by following these three tips:

1. Don’t Drink and Drive

The best way to avoid a car accident injury is to stay away from driving after enjoying some of that green beer. On average, St. Patrick’s Day drunk drivers are two times over the legal limit when they are pulled over. This makes the highway a dangerous place to be. Have several backup plans to get home if you plan to drink excessively at the bar or a friend’s house.

2. Take a Cab

If you and your fellow celebrators have had a few shots or drinks, consider taking a cab or one of the public transit options in Morgantown. Rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft aren’t available in West Virginia but Morgantown has several cab options, such as Yellow Cab and Motown Taxi. The Irish pub you’re celebrating at might have a shuttle for patrons to use as well. St. Patrick’s Day is a busy holiday for alternative transportation so have several phone numbers prepared to call.

3. Use the Buddy System

After a few drinks your cognitive thinking is impaired. Have a system in place so you and your friends don’t wander off. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings as a pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents can happen at any time. Looking out for each other could save you and your friends from adding to the St. Patrick’s Day car accident statistics.

Impaired driving kills up to 30 people every day in the United States. These accidents are not always fatal though. Personal injuries from auto accidents involving drunk drivers are also a big worry. Whether you have a sober friend drive you or you take a cab, remember that the other vehicles on the road might have intoxicated drivers.

If you were injured as a result of drunk driving or have suffered any form of a personal injury, call Attorney Jim Leach today at (304) 865-8530. Our personal injury lawyer serves clients in Parkersburg, Charleston and Morgantown, West Virginia.