Motorcycle Injuries

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The road can be a very dangerous place for motorcyclists because passenger vehicles have a difficult time seeing motorcycles and drivers. A motorcycle is much smaller than other vehicles and can easily go unnoticed on our West Virginia and Ohio roads.

Motorcyclists may be severely injured in a motorcycle accident because motorcycles:

  • Do not have the same protective walls as other vehicles.
  • Do not provide the same safety equipment as other vehicles such as seatbelts and airbags.
  • Lack the weight needed to keep them from spinning out of control.

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Any of the possible causes can make a motorcyclist lose control of the motorcycle and veer off the road or into another vehicle. A motorcycle accident may occur when:

  • Another driver changes lanes into a motorcyclist.
  • Another vehicle does not give the motorcyclist proper room.
  • Another vehicle cuts the motorcyclist off.

Serious personal injury or wrongful death may occur because a motorcycle cannot protect the driver as other vehicles can protect the driver and passengers. Injuries that a motorcyclist may suffer include:

Please contact our motorcycle accident attorneys to help you with your motorcycle accident case in West Virginia or Ohio. We are here to help you through this difficult time and to answer all of your motorcycle accident questions.