Texting While Biking a Growing Danger

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There are several powerful public service announcements about the growing number of deaths and injuries resulting from distracted driving, but is texting while biking also a big concern? Texting causes cyclists and drivers to miss vital warning signs such as construction signs, changing road conditions, honking, and yelling.

Auto accidents are more likely to happen when cyclists are sporadically weaving and changing speed. Texting can make you fail to notice when a car door is opening and cause you to accidentally veer into traffic. Cyclists who switch from sidewalks to streets can easily run into pedestrians, and cause vehicles to overcorrect and hit bystanders, cyclists or other vehicles. West Virginia has anti-texting laws which prohibit phone use while driving, but biking and texting can get you into trouble too.

Both biking and driving require acute awareness, but cyclists must balance while constantly looking for potholes and miscellaneous debris. If you’re attempting to type a text during this process, you can cause dangerous situations to arise. Texting and biking can easily lead to serious personal injury to yourself and others.

Highly populated areas with heavy traffic make putting your phone away more crucial. There is already a lot of strife between drivers and cyclists. Cyclists have a tendency to ride through stop signs and red lights, while also switching from street to sidewalk. This causes drivers to worry about inevitable auto accidents. Don’t add to the worry by texting while you bike to school or work.

In recent years, biking has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation leading cities to develop bike lanes on main streets. This eco-friendly movement saves you money while giving you consistent exercise, but it comes with responsibility. Keep yourself and others on the road safe by stowing your phone in your bag.

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