Tips for Choosing an Injury Lawyer

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If you decide to file a claim against someone you believe has caused your physical injury, you will need help from a personal injury lawyer. In Morgantown, injury lawyer Jim Leach offers West Virginia residents superior personal injury law representation.

Personal injury attorneys differ from other attorneys because of their specialized trial and negotiation experience, in-depth knowledge of negligence laws, and solid understanding of medical diagnoses and processes relevant to personal injury.

But how can you know which Morgantown injury lawyer will best serve your needs? After all, your lawsuit must be filed within a specified time period, before the statute of limitations expires, so it is important to begin your search in earnest as soon as you can.

These tips will help you assess any personal injury attorney:

  • What is the attorney’s area of emphasis? Just as physicians specialize in various areas of medicine, lawyers also specialize, so be sure to choose a Morgantown injury lawyer with expertise in your particular type of case.
  • Does the attorney enjoy a solid reputation in your community?
  • For how many years has the attorney been in practice?
  • What is the attorney’s disciplinary record? Any complaints filed? The state bar website for your locale is one place you can find this information.
  • Is your attorney willing and able to go to trial on your behalf, if necessary?
  • Examine your attorney’s record of wins, especially for your specific type of injury. It should be fairly substantial.
  • Do you feel comfortable communicating all relevant case information with this attorney? Communication is key.
  • Have a look at the attorney’s website, and run a Google search on the attorney’s name.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions of others about the attorney, and of the attorney directly. Experienced, knowledgeable attorneys are more than happy to answer your questions about their practice, their record, and other relevant issues. Remember that simply sitting down for a face-to-face consultation with a lawyer does not mean you will hire that lawyer. Meet with as many personal injury attorneys as you feel necessary until you find the best fit.

Finally, be sure to understand how your chosen attorney’s fee structure works. Some attorneys charge hourly; some on a contingency, meaning the lawyer takes no money upfront, but earns his or her fee once your case has been won. The typical contingency fee is about one-third of the winnings.

Do you have a case? Morgantown injury lawyer Jim Leach offers private consultation, during which he will listen to your story to determine the validity of your personal injury claim.

Why not contact his offices today? Call (304) 865-8530 for your free consultation.