Who is Liable if I’ve been Injured on Ice or Snow?

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It’s easy to fall on the sidewalk or stairs when they haven’t been properly cleared of snow and ice. You must be able to provide proof of negligence before determining who is liable. Make sure to photograph the scene immediately and get treatment for your resulting injuries. When you have reasonable proof of liability, you then have to file a claim against the right person or agency. The best person to handle your claim is our slip and fall injury lawyer. Attorney Jim Leach will be able to help you discern which parties are liable.

Your Landlord

Your landlord could be liable for your slip and fall accident. Read over your lease before seeking legal advice. Some leases specify that you are responsible for clearing the stairs or sidewalk outside your residence.

The Property Owner, or Contractor

If your injury took place on the private property of an individual or business, they are most likely liable for the incident. Some businesses or homeowners opt to hire a contractor to clear snow and ice for them. In this case, the contractor will be liable for damages as long as you have proof of negligence.

Government Property

Slip and fall injuries are more difficult to file against governmental properties. There are administrative waters to wade through before you can receive compensation for your injuries. Several factions of the government have immunity from liability cases like these. If you were injured on government property it’s vital to take photos immediately, and speak with all witnesses nearby.

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