Parkersburg Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Jim Leach Can Help You Battle The Insurance Companies

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Serving West Virginia Areas of Parkersburg, Charleston and Morgantown

Insurance companies have sold billions of dollars in auto policies to consumers who believed that they would be adequately covered in the event of an injury sustained in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, our best interests may be denied by the illegal actions of bad faith insurance companies. These insurance companies might employ underhanded tactics that intentionally and illegally deny and/or withhold fair compensation to policy holders with legitimate claims.

Many insurance bad faith companies and their lawyers knowingly victimize, stall and deny people with legitimate claims. Their purpose is to intentionally increase the hardships upon you, the claimant, hoping to drive you away from a legitimate claim. Such bad faith actions by insurers and their lawyers are commonplace, and the chances of it happening to you, a family member or friend is very high. The top three bad faith insurers with ongoing public claims against them are Hartford, Allstate and State Farm insurance companies. Allstate and Hartford, collectively, insure upwards of 60 percent of all vehicles in the US.

Today, more than ever, you need legal representation that will advise you through the complex process of your claim. In addition, you need someone who understands the opposition’s tactics, and is willing to be an advocate for your case.

Jim Leach is a passionate and dedicated car accident attorney. He will help you to understand the variables of your case and will educate you on the challenges of the legal system. His unique case management approach allows him to act quickly in collecting the many small pieces of information required to re-create the accident scenario, and will help determine whether negligence was a factor.

As an experienced trial attorney, he has helped numerous insurance bad faith clients settle their cases with excellent results. Please call or email us today for a confidential appointment with an industry leader.

Our attorney represent insurance bad faith victims throughout West Virginia and Southern Ohio including the communities of Belpre, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Athens, Morgantown, Charleston, and Huntington.

Questions about Insurance Bad Faith

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If after taking all of these steps, your insurance company still tries to deny your claim, consult an experienced bad faith insurance attorney immediately.

Please contact our West Virginia bad faith insurance lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation.