Insurance Law

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Insurance is a necessity in this country. Liability insurance is required for the legal operation of a motor vehicle, and medical insurance is necessitated by the high price of health care. In protecting your family, your home, or your business, you need insurance. However, in your time of crisis, you may find that the insurance company is not there the way they promised they would be. Suddenly, you find that your coverage was far less and your liability far greater than you ever imagined.

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However, you are not without recourse. If your insurance company deceived you about the level of your coverage, whether as part of a deliberate act of bad faith or due to a poorly written contract, you may be able to file a claim to receive the benefits you deserve. In fact, the law says that the insurance company must try to find a reason to pay your claim under your policy, and only deny the claim if there is no way it can be seen as fitting under the terms of your policy.

Insurance law is complicated, and insurance companies hope that you will just accept their explanation of why your claim has been denied. But you do not need to take their word for it. The West Virginia insurance law attorneys at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law know the law and when it comes to your fight, we believe in what’s right. We will make sure that your insurance company lives up to its obligations under the law.

If you think you may have an insurance law claim, please contact our West Virginia insurance law attorneys today to schedule your free case evaluation.