Do You Need a Police Report for a Car Accident?

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Parkersburg WV Car Accident Report

Seeking medical attention should be your first priority after any vehicle collision. However, in addition to paramedics, a police officer should also be at the scene. If you were injured in a car accident, our Morgantown attorney can build a strong case on your behalf against the responsible driver.

Our Parkersburg car accident attorneys have years of experience fighting for the rights of injury victims. For a no-cost review of your case, please call the Personal Injury Attorneys at Jim Leach 1-877-526-5461 today. Our lawyer accepts cases throughout West Virginia.

What Should the Police Report Contain?

Once police and other emergency personnel arrive at the scene, an officer will interview you and any other drivers involved in the accident, as well as passengers and witnesses. The purpose of a police report is to document the facts of the collision and attempt to determine what happened.

Some of the facts a police report might contain include:

  • Names, contact information, license plate numbers, and insurance coverage for the parties involved.
  • Injuries sustained by any of the parties.
  • Damage to vehicles in the accident.
  • Date and time of the accident.
  • A description of the scene, possibly accompanied by one or more diagrams.
  • Road and weather conditions.
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses.

Answer any questions from the officer truthfully, but be careful not to admit fault in the crash. Sometimes a police report might contain the responding officer’s initial conclusion on the cause of the accident, including who is at fault. Claiming responsibility in an official document like a police report could severely compromise your eligibility for compensation.

Car Accident Police Report:  Why It’s Important

Auto insurance companies look at police reports in car accident cases very closely. Our Morgantown attorney will pay the same close attention to this document when building your case against the reckless driver.

You can get a copy of the police report from the office of the police department that responded to the scene of the accident. If you disagree with the police report due to factual errors, it’s important to provide documentation so the department can amend the report accordingly.

In addition to the contents discussed above, a police report often provides information that our attorney can investigate and use to build a strong accident claim on your behalf, including the:

To find out more about how our experienced lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve, please contact Jim Leach Attorneys at Law or call 1-877-526-5461 today to schedule your consultation. Our car accident attorney offer free initial case reviews to collision victims in or around Morgantown, Parkersburg, Charleston, and other parts of West Virginia.